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Situated in Southeast Asia, Cambodia Email Address  Cambodia is bordered by Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. The country has a population of nearly 15 million people. Strong industries in the country include  Cambodia Email Address agriculture, and textiles, construction. Two of the shipping ports in Cambodia include Port Sihanoukville and the Port of Phnom Pehn. The Port of Phnom Pehn is also located in the country's Cambodia Email Address largest city and capital. If you are interested in shipping household goods and other items to Cambodia, there are some Cambodian rules and regulations you should understand.

If you are not a resident of Cambodia, you may still qualify to ship household goods Cambodia Email Address and personal items to Cambodia duty-free if you are a diplomat or if you work for a non-governmental organization (NGO).If you do not qualify for duty free shipping, you can import  Cambodia Email Address household goods and other items into Cambodia but you will be expected to pay duty fees. Duty fees when shipping to Cambodia vary and may be subject Cambodia Email Address in part to negotiating fees with customs inspectors. There is also a facility to pay "import permit fees" in lieu of duty, which is also subject to negotiation.

If you are a Khmer Cambodia Email Address national returning to Cambodia, you may import your personal items and household goods into Cambodia but you will be expected to pay duty fees. Cambodia Email Address When shipping to Cambodia, you are not required to be in Cambodia when your cargo shipment goes through customs clearance. Your company should be registered in Cambodia and they should also issue an official letter on company letterhead stating that you will be coming Cambodia Email Address to work for the company in Cambodia. Cambodia Email Address There are a variety of required documents you will need when you ship ocean freight cargo to Cambodia. This includes a copy of your passport for sea freight entering the country.